Newsletter First Quarter 2019


35m S/Y ASCHANTI IV recently went to Technimarine for their annual yard period. A wooden keel repair and new antifouling paint on the menu, not a problem for us !

Although it rained heavily, it didn’t stop the teams and they managed to finish everything on time for the guest arriving 2 days later.

Dream destination: where will you go ?

French Polynesia is as big as Europe, but mostly made out of water. It counts 118 islands spread across the whole area, each and every one more unique than the other.

Some of them have very specific features, wildlife and infinite hues of blue. Please contact us and let us know what you’ve dreamed of, we might make it even better…

Culture – Heiva, Fire dancers, Surfing

Each year, the Heiva is a ceremony that all Tahitian love to attend. Groups train all year long to perfom dances, songs and exhibit their polynesian spirits. The show is incredibly beautiful and touches the soul of everyone.

If you cannot attend the Heiva or prefer private shows, we know talented groups who can join the yacht and perform right in front of your eyes. Fire dancers, singers and more will amaze you .

Surfing was born on Polynesian beaches and has a strong influence in Tahiti and her islands. The World Championship Tour makes a stop in Tahiti every year and legends like Kelly Slater tackle the famous wave at Teahupoo. Many are the people who say it is the best wave in the world. When the waves are big, it is absolutely thrilling to watch things unfold. A heart racing experience…

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